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National Latina Business Women Association (NLBWA) Is proud to join Engage Cuba, as part of the advisory coalition group of an exciting new coalition dedicated to coalescing and mobilizing non-governmental organizations, non-profit groups, civil society organizations, citizens, businesses and associations for the purpose of supporting the ongoing U.S.-Cuba normalization process and reforming U.S.-Cuba relations. 


President's Message

Suzanna Sanchez

Suzanna Sánchez

I am happy to report that NLBWA’s 1st quarter is on target to meet our goals to expand our partnerships, alliances, and assets designed to strengthen the NLBWA membership benefits and value of our existing chapters. This will give our members more options to customize a sustainable plan for their continued professional growth and networking opportunities.

NLBWA’s  mission is to empower our Latina business communities and professionals with programing designed to support and meet the challenges in our business environment.  Collaboration and the sharing of resources will be key to creating an infrastructure for NLBWA to continue to assist any women that believes that she can achieve her goals.

The Latina impact plays a key role in contributing 40% of the 750K businesses owned by Hispanic entrepreneurs. It’s projected to generate $46 billion nationwide.  We are 6 times the national average more likely to start our own businesses. If you take a look at the recent statistics there are 21 million Hispanic women of which 14.4 million are over 18 and over.  Never underestimate our real-world experiences, they too also bring value.   
Our partnerships and alliances are designed to meet the needs of our growing Latina community, our families and that of corporate America.  We plan on taking a holistic approach as we serve our communities to embrace our multidimensional facets of who we are as women.  We are living in a new era of responsibility and in a time where we need to refocus on where our priorities lay as we move into this new millennium.
When we invest in ourselves by making a commitment to become active participants of NLBWA chapter education programs, training, networking or volunteering to give to others is a gift and an investment in your future. Trust, integrity and NLBWA’s desire to serve others makes me proud to be on this journey with all of you and for that, I thank you for joining us.
NLBWA and its Foundation will create opportunities to embrace technologically driven viral branding approaches to deliver integrated and creative solutions to insure empowering our Latinas and their families.  Family, education, and brand relationships that empower and build our communities is  at the core of all NLBWA initiatives.

Learning to embrace and identify the synchronicity that are present in our everyday lives will keep us in alignment. Forming alliances with complimentary partnerships is key to building hope, energy, optimism and strength as we continue to deliver valuable resources to the lives that NLBWA touches.

This year NLBWA expects to:

  • Investment in a diverse education knowledge base
  • Alignments with partnerships to maximize social and economic empowerment
  • Engagement based on intrinsic and cultural values in line with our philosophy and mission for our communities
  • Bridge the information gap and  provide solutions to create a sustainable path towards improvements in all facets of our lives.

Take the time to think about what’s important to you and let’s work together.  When someone extends their hand in support extend yours and bring someone else along with you. It’s through this belief and our actions that we take on a daily basis that will catapult NLBWAs’ ability to help and impact more lives in the years to come.

Life is not that complicated, just, “Do the Right Thing” it’s a very simple philosophy. NLBWA can make a difference and NLBWA can leave things better than how we found them, this matters now more than ever.

Keep the faith,

Suzanna Sánchez
National President

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